State of the Art Facility

Cerec One-Visit Crowns:  We can prepare your tooth for a crown, make the crown in our office, and cement the crown- all in one visit!  No more temporaries and no more second appointments (with additional numbing) for your convenience and comfort!

Digital Radiography:  Our office is completely digital!  This increases patient safety by reducing radiation by up to 90% over traditional film.  Digital X-rays also enable us to show patients where there are areas of concern and allow us to better educate our patients about their treatment options.

Intraoral Camera:  A picture is worth a thousand words!  We love to show our patients why treatment needs to be done for your peace of mind and confidence.

Sterilization and Disinfection:  We take cleanliness and patient safety seriously.  All instruments are sterilized in a new state-of-the-art hospital grade autoclave after being cleaned thoroughly in an ultrasonic cleaner.  Surfaces that are handled frequently through procedures are covered with disposable barriers and all surfaces are carefully disinfected between patients.  Suction tips and air/water syringe tips are disposable and are not reused between patients.  Our water system is also self-contained to prevent water born bacteria from growing within our dental water lines.

Movies:  Movies can be viewed during your procedure!  Kids especially love to watch the latest movies while treatment is completed.

Cutting Edge Root Canal Treatment:  We have the latest technology for root canal treatment available which enables a faster, more comfortable root canal experience.  The Wave One system shortens the time needed to complete a root canal which helps in healing and recovery from not having the mouth open for prolonged periods of time.